Training Methodology

3 Pillars: Meditation, Sacrifice, Service.

The mission of Lux Consilio is the conscious and irrefutable scientific realization of the human soul, right now.  


We seek to catalyze and precipitate (through the appropriate and skillful application of the 3 pillars) emergent behavior in all directions and dimensions in such a way that the nature of the Soul (Love, Light & Selflessness) is expressed without obstruction or obscuration at all elements and levels and all directions and dimensions of Being.  To this end, our curriculum and methods of interaction are progressive and eliminative.  Step by step, the studies deepen and the work becomes more intensive and focused.  Our whole emphasis is laid upon spiritual living, upon the mental grasp of the esoteric teaching and upon those rules and processes which will definitely bring about the appropriate coordination and right relation of our local atmosphere into the greater environment that is our Life.  

Our methods and techniques are designed solely to train 'people' to be conscious, working disciples.  We stress from the very beginning that this curriculum and course of study is behavioral in nature.  The work we are asked to do is not easy, nor is it intended to be easy. The standard maintained and desired is high and the work is planned in such a way that there is increasing demand and tension applied with each progressive step.  

The focus on behavior is a prominent and unyielding facet throughout all aspects of this training.  This provides many useful places for inquiry and reflection.  Perhaps the most valuable is the ability to immediately take stock of our own progress, our own development, and the energies circulating in our local atmosphere that still dominate and captivate Awareness.  Direct investigation of reality (not conceptual metaphysics), using rigorous self-study, focused at-tension and the applied use of meditative technique are the primary tools used in this training.


We grow through the medium of our own recognition” is an occult truism. Therefore, while we can present certain facts and certain teachings to students, believing them to be true, their living and lasting value to the individual lies in the extent to which they can evoke and stimulate each one to search one’s own consciousness, conduct one’s experiments in thought and penetration, and learn through one’s own realizations, making of “each molehill of experience a mountain of localized triumph.”  It is for this reason that there are no acknowledgments regarding instructors, teachers, mentors.  "The sole authority is the teaching, and not the teacher; upon the rock of authority many schools have foundered.  This training and each participant are seen as equals - there is but one authority - each man's own immortal soul, and that is the only authority which should be recognized.


To leave the student completely free is a fundamental aim of this training. We believe this is necessary if we are ever to learn to handle ourselves intelligently and to grow spiritually.  It is also our policy to leave the student entirely free as regards to 'the private life'.  We impose no physical disciplines upon students; we do not require any special mode of eating or taking physical nutrition; that one should not smoke or touch alcohol.  We regard these matters as entirely the student’s affair, and we feel that, given the right teaching, each student will make their own ‘correct’ adjustments in these matters.


In this school, no claims are made of place, power or spiritual status.


The time is past for many when interest in the occult and the esoteric is centered around personal enlightenment and benefit. Those entering this school for esoteric training in discipleship techniques and the development of group consciousness, characteristic of service in the Aquarian Age, do so because of a recognized and irresistible urge to help forward the unfolding Plan of Hierarchy for humanity. This is the safeguard for those undertaking such training—which will inevitably precipitate crises and have far-reaching effects in the local aspects of Consciousness. This is the guarantee of achievement to those who focus the mind and learn through dispassion, discrimination and detachment.  


This training takes time and persistent effort as realization (occultly stated as 'initiation’) seldom manifests as instantaneous, blinding revelation (although it may do so on rare occasions when the mind is in a right condition to receive and register the flash of illumination). For the true student in esoteric training for discipleship service, the process of mental assimilation is a continuous process which slowly and gradually brings unconscious recognition into conscious realization thereby solidifying in the physical brain consciousness those attitudes and behaviors which are then creatively brought to bear in the responses and activities of our daily lives.

All we learn and all we become is for use and application in creative service, to be applied in whatever circumstances and environment in which we find ourselves. As we learn to master and control the circumstances of our own lives (never those of others) through control of our thoughts and feelings, reactions and attitudes, so our horizons extend and our opportunities to experience wider fields of service increase.


We recommend that sincere and dedicated thought be given to the need for the right balancing of the “pairs of opposites” in our daily lives.  This solar system of ours is characterized by the perception of duality—a duality in the process of becoming a unity. And the disciple in his journey towards the Master is faced with phase after phase of the basic factor that “group” work—racial, national, the “one humanity”, or Hierarchical necessitates a complete identification with the group life, purpose, plan and expression, plus an enhanced capacity to make our 'unique individual contribution' which is the privilege and the birthright of every son and daughter of Universe.

To these ends, and these ends alone we ceaselessly work and with open hands and an open heart we invite you onto The Path.

Education for the Age of Aquarius

Much time and effort has been spent in the design and implementation of these training techniques in discipleship service.  The core principles of the Ageless Wisdom remain constant points of orientation across the ages but also require some adaptation and metamorphosis to best suit the needs and culture(s) of an ever evolving landscape.  To this end we have developed, in this training, a series of techniques to introduce and transmit the Ageless Wisdom to adult learners that may best suit their proclivities and best take advantage of modern technologies and digital platforms of interaction.


Much of this training is achieved through a ‘game’ interface aptly referred to as The Magicians Path.  The 'game' takes the student through layers of interactive substance and gives each student ample opportunity to interact with esoteric principles (such as the Nature of the Etheric Body; The Constitution of Humanity; The World of the Elements; The Treatise on White Magic; etc.) while also testing their ability to apply these principles in sample life scenarios.  Student groups (following the Law of Group Progress) progress on ‘The Path’ through their successful application and implementation of esoteric principle and occult techniques - creating through group interaction an evolving environment of enlightened substance and activity.

More information about The Magicians Path can be found in the starter packet (download here).  Please read the packet carefully.  Take careful note of what thoughts and ideas arise while you review the information and whether your view is tending toward a 'service to self' or 'service to other.'  


The school stands ready to help any man or woman, no matter what their religious views, their political party, ideology or their national allegiances. If it is true (and we undeviatingly believe it to be so) that the "Souls of man are ONE," then we hold that the concepts and acceptances of the conscious mind of the student do not, in reality, interfere with the ability to grasp this spiritual fact, nor can they prevent contact with the Soul.


To participate in this training:


We ask that each student keep an open mind and cultivate a willingness to see life and world events as a whole. 


We ask each student to regard world affairs - whether political, religious, sociological or economic - as a vast method or field of experience whereby and wherein divine purpose is slowly being worked out. 


We ask for each to investigate how a particular local belief fits into the greater world program, and also whether we can clarify an exclusive or inclusive approach to what eventually becomes manifest as our local behavior. 


Furthermore, within the heart of these discoveries, we ask for integrity and courage in all endeavors and to the pervasive and complete illumination of all directions and dimensions into the Plan of Love and Light.  




You can watch the game live here.  

If you would like to get in on the play, contact the Administrator here

Our training makes no charge for its services.  Lux Consilio is a registered 501-3c and all work, materials and efforts are supported and carried on a voluntary basis. We ask that students and participants make donations to the school as they are able and as they are inspired within the light of the Soul.  All donations are tax-deductible and all proceeds are dedicated 100% to furthering the work of the school as outlined in this orientation.