An Esoteric Perspective on Epidemics

From Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey

A general comment is made in the following passage on the relationship of epidemics to the condition of the etheric substance of the planet:

“Group ills and the sweep of epidemics of any kind through the masses are founded in some condition in the etheric substance of the planet.  Those diseases which are general, national, racial and planetary find their way to an individual via his etheric body, but are not so personal in their implications.”  Esoteric Healing (EH), p. 25

The Spiritual Hierarchy is able to play a role in controlling epidemics to some degree, depending on a wide variety of factors such as the karma and free will of humanity:

“There is…a secret…which relates to the seven rays as they express themselves in the human kingdom; the knowledge of this secret enables a Master to control epidemics and widespread diseases; with this you are not at this time concerned.  Incidentally, the relative freedom from the plagues and epidemics which usually follow in the wake of war has been partly due to the use of this sevenfold knowledge by the Hierarchy, plus the scientific knowledge of humanity itself.”  EH, p. 598

Although we cannot know to what extent the Spiritual Hierarchy can control this current pandemic it is some consolation to know that it collaborates with humanity as much as spiritual law allows. Nevertheless, members of the Hierarchy are themselves still learning about the secrets of nature’s processes including the secret that is referred to in the above passage:

“…there are two hierarchical officials the Mahachohan and His Representative upon the seventh ray—Who are today in possession of this secret in its entirety, and They are aided by five other Masters in applying the gained knowledge.  These five Masters are working primarily with the deva evolution, and this is, as you know, connected with form, and in this particular case with the healing devas.  These seven Members of the Hierarchy are aided in Their turn by one of the Buddhas of Activity, and also by the representative of the Spirit of the Earth.  This again makes the two, the five, and then the seven—a different enumeration, and one which when brought together equals nine, which is the number of initiation.  This numerical relationship brings man to the point where he is ‘initiated into the realm of perfection and knows no further aches or pains, and his mind is thus deflected from that which is below to that which is above.’

I have mentioned this phase of mankind's relation to the subject of health so as to show you how subtle and esoteric are the matters with which we are dealing, and so give to the individual patient a sense of proportion, where his bodily ills or even his death are concerned.”  EH, p. 598-9

Some initiate healers work with epidemics:

“Certain healers—few and far between…have set up a relation with the spirit of the earth, the Ruler of all the lunar lords.  Under certain formulas and given a certain amount of practice, these healers can invoke his aid and—in fact—command it.  I do not advise any interested student to ponder overmuch along this line or to endeavour to set up a contact or to invoke his aid.  Only initiates of high degree can deal safely with this powerful involutionary Elemental; they do so only in connection with epidemics and international catastrophes such as the world war, in which thousands and thousands of bodies were involved.  An individual not highly developed who endeavoured to establish rapport would probably only succeed in stimulating the lunar lords of his own little system to such an extent that his lower nature would be unduly energised—sometimes even to the point of death.” EH, p. 646-7

The planet’s power to absorb the negative forces that result from humanity’s psychological condition often breaks down in the aftermath of wars.

“The power of absorption with which the planet is endowed is very great within certain limitations; it is these limitations, for instance, which promote epidemics as the aftermath of war.  Such epidemics have a serious effect upon the human race after the war cycle is over and after the consequent epidemic has spent itself.  Humanity, particularly in Eastern Europe, had not completely recovered from the epidemics, incident to the first part of the world war, when the second part took place.  The psychological effects continue; the scars and the results of the second phase of that world war will persist for fifty years, even though—owing to man's greater scientific knowledge—the epidemic factor may be kept surprisingly within bounds.  This, however, still remains uncertain.  Time alone will demonstrate how successful humanity is in offsetting the penalties which outraged nature is apt to exact.”   EH, p 248-9

The relationship of epidemics to the etheric body:

“1. …disease, in its immediate cause, can be traced to the individual etheric body when the difficulty is purely local, or to the planetary etheric body (in particular the etheric body of the fourth kingdom in nature) where epidemics are involved, or to such a condition as war, affecting large masses of men.

2. That the etheric body has not hitherto been considered as an existent fact, from the angle of orthodox medicine, though there is a modern drift towards emphasis upon vitality, upon the vital qualities in food, and the giving of vitamin products in order to build up a vital response.  This is the first indication of an unrealised need to increase the potency of the vital body.

3. That the condition of the etheric body predisposes the subject to disease or protects it from disease, making man resistant to the impact of deteriorating or epidemic factors, or failing to do so because of inherent etheric weakness.

4. That the etheric body is the mechanism of vital, pranic life, and "sub-stands" or underlies the outer, familiar equipment of the nervous system, which feeds and actuates all parts of the physical organism.  The relationship existing between the centres, the nadis and the entire nervous system comprises the field of the new medicine and indicates the new major field of research.