Composition and structure of the Mental Body

by Arthur E. Powell, The Mental Body (pp. 7-22) 被我翻译

The mental body is built of particles of the four lower sub-divisions of the mental world, i.e., of mental matter which corresponds to the four lower sub-divisions of astral matter, and to solid, liquid, gaseous and etheric matter of the physical plane.

The three higher grades of mental matter are used to build the Causal, or Higher Mental body....

The physical body, as we know, is built up of cells, each of which is a tiny separate life animated by the Second Outpouring, which comes from the Second Aspect of the Deity. The same thing applies in the astral and mental bodies. In the cell life which permeates them there is as yet nothing in the way of intelligence, but there is a strong instinct pressing downwards into matter....

The mental body is the vehicle through which the Self/Soul manifests and expresses itself as the concrete intellect.

The mind is the reflection of the cognitional aspect of the Self, of the Self as Knower: the mind is the Self working in the mental body.

The majority of people are unable to separate