Education and White Magic

To a conventional educator, the notion of a formative relationship between magic and education might seem preposterous – a backwards leap into the dark ages of ignorance and superstition – the very things that a good education seeks to dispel. Standard education develops the powers of analysis, reasoning and judgment in a manner seemingly based on the premise that the five senses and the brain are the sole means of apprehending reality and understanding the nature of things.

In truth however, white magic is an equally logical process that involves perceiving ‘within’ with the same intensity of focus as perceiving without. Through the concentration of energy into form, white magic transfers ideas from the inner realms to outer expression. While creative concentration is a term that traditional education would not find controversial, it is one that defines white magic in a literal sense.

The basic educational skills as taught in schools everywhere are reading, writing and arithmetic, and in Education in the New Age, the magical process working through them is described as follows:

“Reading is concerned essentially with the realisation of a clothed idea of some kind, whereas writing is, curiously enough, concerned with the individual's conscious self-relation to ideas, and his use of words in writing is the measure of the grasp he may have of these universal ideas. Arithmetic (and the power to add, to subtract, and to multiply) is related also to the creative process and concerns the production of those forms upon the physical plane which will adequately produce the idea and bring it to manifestation.”

While arithmetic concerns quantity, other mathematical topics concern structure, geometry and change. These four domains describe the production and metamorphosis of all forms in time and space as they are subjected to the evolutionary process. In this connection, we read:

“From another angle, man reads his destiny in the heavens and writes out that destiny in his life upon the earth; he reduces, knowingly or unknowingly, the idea of his soul to due and proper form, so that each life adds, subtracts and multiplies, until the sum of each soul's experiencing is complete. Thus, symbolically, the three basic ideas are held in elementary education, though their true meaning is divorced from reality and the right significance is entirely lost. All that we have, however, emerging slowly and definitely through the medium of world education, is built upon this unrealised scaffolding.”

Reading, writing and arithmetic – each of these traditional skills can be thought of in terms of spiritual mathematics. When reading a page of text, the mind automatically converts the sequence of shapes that the eye sees into a multidimensional image in consciousness, and it has all the attributes of quantity, structure, geometry and (capacity to) change. What we have read now exists as a construct in consciousness that we can ‘know and feel’ with the mind outside of time and space. Writing reverses this process and provides a way of introducing a construct in consciousness into time and space via a sequence of two-dimensional shapes (letters). Arithmetic concerns adding and subtracting quantities of energy to matter to produce the sequence of shapes in writing, speech or actions.

Such spiritual aspects of mathematics are discussed in the writings of Volker Kessler, a theologian and mathematician, who wrote, “I conclude that there are four possible gateways by which spirituality can enter mathematics: (1) pragmatic Platonism; (2) aesthetics, that is, the role of beauty within mathematics; (3) the study of patterns; and (4) the role of inner understanding and inner vision. Examples show that even committed atheists experience spirituality in mathematical research in these terms.”

From the perspective of esotericism, a fifth gateway can be added by the construction of thought images filled with love and fiery light, held together by a central point of dynamic spiritual tension. The mathematical beauty of such constructs is the grandest of all gateways – one through which divinity can rush through our lives to create beauty in the world. Such a process is reduced to a simple equation by Kessler Beauty = (morally) good, which he expounds upon in an article: “God becomes Beautiful…in Mathematics.”

In terms of spiritual mathematics, evolution is the progressive concentration of energy in time and space until, ultimately, the archetypal idea behind the human being – the Monad – is perfectly represented in the lowest world through the beauty and order created in matter. The final rule of White Magic touches upon the mathematical process of quantity, structure, geometry and change from the perspective of the transmutation of matter: “…the fires…of matter…rise up from the second darkness at the call of the spirit of light and meet in their appointed place that which will absorb them and raise them to the fiery point from whence the fires of living light and radiant life have come."

This process is forging ahead right now through the world educational process and deeper revelations await our discovery through working with the Arcane School keynote this year:

‘Let the Forces of Creative Life’ circulate and the Law of Elevation control.

In the light and love of group endeavour,