Immunity - a Meditation

Within the World of Ideas, the concept of 'Immunity' is a well-pool of vitality that has within it the capacity to appropriately empower and vivify the splenic center. From here the energy courses into the more dense splenic system, the splenic organ and its related tissues and physical manifestations - into every cell membrane, into every nucleotide, into every atomic binding.

The quality of energy in circulation is in accord with our local belief structure regarding what we define as 'self.' It is often the case, that our stubborn and stringent belief in what we deem our 'self' leads to unnecessary attachment(s). We can become deeply attached and unstable in this delusion which then distorts the splenic system and its resulting immune presentation. We cling to 'others' whom we associate as part of our 'self' and therein develop an aversion toward those we regard as 'not me.' We classify objects - our so-called possessions - as belonging to 'me.' These are mine! This commonly held point of attention is then weighed down further with emotional energy. In scenario's such as this, local immune activity becomes distorted to such a degree that revolutionary steps need be taken to reinstate a balanced equilibrium.

If we take the time to really look into this notion, we might just realize that nothing truly belongs to us. For what we are is nothing less than the Universe Itself, alive and alight in each and every manifestation. I am another you, and we are all a beautiful One.

Sometimes the best medicine to support local immunity and immune health is to give. Give over our small ideas of what we think we are, what we call our self, our body, our possessions. To share the energy of our heart, expressed in the tenor and quality of our thought.

Here is a simple technique:

Sit quietly, align body, breath, and mind into something that feels natural and easy.

Take notice of what we call 'the body.' Begin to see 'the body' not as a solid mass, but as a swirling mass of atomic/energy particles all moving and vibrating, dancing and singing with different colors and intensities. Hold this visualization for a few minutes before moving forward. Take notice of any areas that seem dim, that lack vibrancy.

Holding this image in our creative imagination, SEE an exchange take place between the atoms of our 'self-environment' and the atoms in our greater environment. Take notice how certain atoms that are no longer needed locally are exchanged with atoms from the greater environment to enhance, strengthen and vitalize the local atmosphere we call ourselves.

As this process takes place, notice how (visualize it being so) the local atmosphere gets brighter and brighter, more and more vibrant. Gradually, over a period of minutes, all the atoms that are no longer needed are removed and appropriately radiant units are gathered to empower the local environment into rightness and alignment with the Soul.

In carrying forth this process, we willingly open into the greater environment, to allow new energy into our local space, to invoke the necessary catalysts to dissolve any bindings that are no longer essential and we actively gather those energies required to catalyze growth, evolution, and new beginnings.

Be aware, this process requires letting go, it requires forgiveness, compassion, and courage. It requires that we hold everything loosely, our definitions of what is and isn't, what we are and are not, what we define as me and what is excluded in this defining.

Practice, everyday.