Mystics and Dis-ease

Speaking generally [the diseases of mystics] are caused by the energy of an awakened and active lower centre being transferred into a higher one. This is done in three stages and each stage brings its own physiological difficulties:

a. The stage wherein the energy of the lower centre becomes intensely active prior to rising upward. This will produce over-activity of the organs in the physical area governed by the centre, with consequent congestion, inflammation, and usually disease.

b. The stage wherein the "processes of elevation" are taking place, producing intense activity in the higher centre and a lessening of activity in the lower. A fluid period intervenes in which the forces swing back and forth between the two centres, accounting for the uneven life of the mystic in the earlier stages of his unfoldment. This is particularly the case in connection with the solar plexus. The energy is rejected at first by the higher centre and is then reabsorbed into the lower only to be elevated again and again until the

higher centre can absorb and transmute it.

c. The stage wherein the energy is raised definitely into the higher centre. This leads to a difficult period of adjustment and of tension, again producing physical ills but, this time, in the area controlled by the higher centre.

... Occultly speaking, any process of elevation or of "raising up" automatically involves death. This death affects the atoms in the organs involved and causes the preliminary stages of ill-health, disease and disruption, because death is nothing but a disruption and a removal of energy. When the science of the transference of energy from a lower centre to a higher is understood, then light will be thrown upon the entire problem of dying and the true Science of Death will come into being, liberating the race from fear. ~MDK Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II., pp. 548-549

The Five Ways