Precepts & Vows

It is important to understand the nature and energy of a vow or what is referred to as a precept. By taking precepts we are receiving some energy or gaining some kind of energy to neutralize dissatisfaction and dissonance in our 'local' life. This energy 'gained' is projected from the heart center of our root guru onto the surface of the illusion.

Precepts have long been used to orient local awareness, to create a point of at-tension, on the surface, or said in another way, within the illusion of separation. These points of attention, as they are vitalized (from the higher self, root guru, soul, etc.), become powerful points of refuge (for the personality) and as such are a powerful path to enlightenment or awakening.

All difficulties in our local life are a result of our uncontrolled mind, not from what we perceive to be our circumstances. Taking precepts is a powerful way of training the mind, of understanding how the sensitive emotional mind works and how quickly we can become neurotic and destabilized.

Our vows make it possible to recognize these things, they illuminate our attitudes, they shed light on what types of energy are in circulation. Our precepts can be the stones that pave the road into the great abyss.

We might wonder about vows/precepts, and how they are spoken, what is said, etc. Until recently precepts where always apart of a formalized instruction between a teacher/student. The 'teacher' understanding 'original nature' would serve to guide the 'student' towards the portal of initiation. This is, of course, a powerful method with proven results.

Yet, today, lets try something different. Tonight, as we lie in our beds, looking up. Before us, envision the most beautiful of Light - its golden radiance a beacon radiating outward in all directions and dimensions, without duration. This Light pours through all aspects of creation, illuminating all that Is and Isn't. Even if it is hard to see, know that it is there, its golden radiance surrounding and encapsulating all that we are.

Kneeling before this Light, say the following words: I stand before the judgement seat of my Soul. I seek to walk in this Divine Light, I seek to walk in sincerity, love and truth.

Now, peering into this Golden Radiance - inquire as to what it wants? Is a precept appropriate? What precepts does it want taken? To not kill? To not lie? To not steal? To love all sentient beings equally and without prejudice? Maybe this light is asking to for better choices in regard to local health and wellness: to get more sleep; to eat less; to make more nutritious choices; to share more; to forgive; to accept; to love with greater abandon. To act without fear, to trust in the intelligence and mastery of Life.

And there, kneeling in the Light, what will we say? Will we make the necessary vows? Will we give over and let the voice of the Master teach us about Love - for this is what all the lessons are about.

There is one other thing worth mentioning in regard to 'teachers' - all teachers, though they may appear distinct, are actually the same - manifestations of Love, Light & Selflessness. This teacher is also inside each of every one of us - the realization of this comprises the entirety of the Path - Itself.