Sacrifice & Offering

There is something to deeply understand about sacrifice or what we may call the practice of Offerings. An offering is a dedication of energy. It is a gifting of vitality and force with no expectation of any reciprocity. In our daily lives we have the ability to transform the full force of our life into an offering and in doing so transmute the energies of our activity into a radiant beacon of light and love.

All our activities generate energy of some type and to some degree. Even the generalized and basic functions of the body need energy to be maintained. Keeping the heart beating, the lungs rhythmic, the lymph healthy, the blood purified, etc. These basic functions all require some energy and thus our 'local metabolism' becomes the altar upon which our offerings can and need be made.

Lets say that we are going out for a walk or jog. We stand on the road, lightly stretching, lacing our shoes, etc. What a simple luxury, this simple event, the freedom of the thing. As we begin our activity we declare, that all the energy generated and used for this endeavor is to be given to all the sick people in the environment, all those that are suffering, all of those that are tired, worn out. We declare, in our heart, that the energy created and activated through and within our own local bodies, will not be kept for our own individual use, that we dedicate it and offer it to all the beings who have no opportunity or ability to be out running or walking for leisure and exercise.

And then we run, or walk, or jog, or eat, or work, or lift heavy things, or perform repetitive tasks, or write, or type, or think, or talk, or cook, or sweep, or dust, or scrape, or sleep, or make love - whatever the case, the energy of the thing can be offered - given away to circulate into the environment and being that it was offered with a certain signature it becomes attractive and magnetized toward all of the beings that match that resonant signature.

This giving away of energy is the key to our long-term health and wellness. The energy of life was never meant to be isolated, to be localized and imprisoned. We, each of us, have the ability, to some degree or another, to transform our lives into tangible works of the most powerful magic.

The next time we are sitting in traffic, waiting in line, working over time, etc. The next time we are filled with delight and wonder of the beauty all around us, dedicate the energy of that moment to the Universe. Give all the energy away with a declaration - a simple version of which may look something like this:

'In this moment, and for the next (x amount of time), I dedicate all the energy that I AM to be released into the greater environment to circulate and become attractive to all the beings who require it, in service to the plan of love and light. May this energy emanate from the heart center of my soul and being thus enriched, may it be infinitely multiplied and exponentially expanded until all beings who require this energy are filled and sated now and forever.' So be it and so it is ~AUM~'

Then, go about the act of living, knowing that for the period of time indicated, all energy will be dedicated, clarified, and multiplied by our highest spiritual authority to circulate into the great sea of Consciousness.

When we see things this way, what need is there for 'special events' where acts of service can then be rendered. This is an outdated model built in a time when the collective intellect of humanity was still relatively dense. It was designed to subdue and dis-empower. Said in another way, we only have control over one thing in our life - that which we can give away.

Each moment can be given, each breath a dedication, every gesture a literal and powerful act of magic working to transform the environment into a literal dimension of Light.

Practice this simple technique and transform the simplest aspects of our life into the most powerful projections of Love.