Sound and the 7 Rays

Twelve is the Heart of Space

Seven is the Heart of Twelve

Three is the Heart of Seven

One is the Heart of Three

Infinite is the Heart of the One Life

This video presents a hypothesis of Ordering based on the Septenary Law attested by all traditions, at cosmic, solar, planetary and human levels.This Law is "psycho-geometrically" represented by the 6-pointed and 7 centers Star, the Seal of Solomon (actually belonging to all ancient cultures and not only to the Jewish one), a symbol impressed in Heaven by the "composite cycle" between Jupiter and Saturn every 60 years, as well as the one between Mercury and Venus every 15 months (see video in Italian: I Cicli Composti (The Compounds Cycles) -, or between Jupiter and Uranus every 84 years.

The Star Order reveals that very universal Model which can reflect the Seven Principles at the base of manifestation and the mode of operation of Life and its creatures. Thus it is proposed here as the resolving way to coordinate and integrate differences into a Unity; to learn and work together for the realization of the Common Good or Purpose, both in group work or between groups, as in human "right relationships”.This sevenfold Law becomes intelligible thanks to Science of Sound or Pythagorean Harmonics, rediscovered by Hans Kaiser in the last century and adapted by Enzio Savoini to the esoteric Science of the Seven Rays by A. A. Bailey and the Tibetan Master (see "A Treatise on the Seven Rays", Lucis Collection), and tested for decades by certain Italian groups. The seven basic Intervals of the propagation of Sound exemplify the 7 qualities or values needed to make a Harmony out of a disorganized set: a rainbow, an orchestra, a solar system, One Humanity: a planetary Order. A coordinated cooperation towards a common Purpose is indeed possible if a group of centers has a structure and an orientation. And the seven-functioned structure is the one indicated by the Wisdom of each tradition for all beings endowed with consciousness: "Space is conquered by a system of seven centers”.

The video goes on to present the natural evolution of the Star Work: the Lambdoma, the 49 centers Order or System, the Model of integration and synthesis among consciousnesses, functions and activities of a group, be this a human or a planetary body, or beyond.