The Art of Healthy Living

Reflection - Channel 48-16, qualitative range: Resourceful Versatility

The thoughts of a healthy person are not concentrated from morning to night on the business of curing themself of something. The standpoint is not that of a patient, but of an athlete. We do not talk of the crews of Oxford and Cambridge taking their medicine or their cure - we speak of them as being in training and developing their fitness. In our lives, we have to start thinking of ourselves as being in training. Training as the artists of our lives.

The practice of any art has certain general requirements quite regardless of whether we are focused on the art of carpentry, painting, music, medicine or love. All creative pursuits require the same basic ingredients which may be stated as follows:

First of all the practice of any art requires discipline. We shall never develop 'skillful means' if our approach lacks the discipline required to actually understand the creative process. Creativity, like sleep, is a natural state and activating either on command is not the same as the happening solely "when in the mood." This isn't about being creative when we feel like it, its about activating our creative agency whenever and however it can be best applied in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. The problem is not discipline for a duration of a few hours, but for a whole entire life. The steady, progressive, measured, approach, this is how we develop resourceful versatility, this is how we engage our creative agency.

Now, if we are (unconsciously) emotionally polarized, this channel and these forces may occur to us as somewhat offensive, off putting and against our nature. For to be 'creative in the mood' is the natural disposition of the emotional process. Keep in mind this is about agency, conscious, creative agency. It isn't about unconscious polarization and fixation without regard or clarity. The emotional creative process is the instructor clarifying the experience of the creative/abstract process, but when this process can only be invoked in 'moodiness' it lacks the dynamic potential that will ultimately serve the needs of the tribe. If we only sleep when 'in the mood,' exhaustion and fatigue will haunt us periodically in our lives, as the mood will elude us from time to time and being bound in our hypnosis to its rhythm we are forced to take our cure instead of developing our fitness.

The second requirement is concentration. Even more than discipline, concentration is nearly lost in the West. Our lack of concentration is clearly shown in our growing difficulty in being alone with ourselves. To sit still, without talking, smiling, laughing, smoking, eating, drinking, etc is impossible for most of us and is an epidemic in the young of this century.

The third and final requirement of mastery is patience. Patience is necessary to actually achieve anything. If one is only seeking quick results, we will never learn an art. Yet for modern man, patience is as difficult to practice as the two former conditions. Our lives are filled to quickness and immediate gratification. We think we are losing something - time - when we do not do things quickly, find the answer immediately. The irony is we lack clarity on what to do with the time we have, except kill it and waste it on our moods and transitory desires for this or that. We settle for quick answers that say little and take them as nourishment that only makes us slow and fat. We've lost the ability to think for ourselves and to regain it, we will have to cultivate the ability to be alone, to be still and quiet. To find complete fulfillment in the simple and the supermundane without the habitual need to be constantly stimulated in all our modern expressions - all to assuage the deep seated terror of what it is to be alive, to have a body and to know that no matter what, with each passing moment, we are racing, at breakneck speed, towards are inevitable and unavoidable death.

To succeed at anything, it must come gently, with a great deal of effort but with no stress or obsession.