The Dawn Within

“By oft-repeated practice,

the wide expanse of manifested universe

is lifted to absorption;

And the saguna world,

of forms and qualities,

merges in the vastness of the Void

with a splash of water on water falling;

Then the ethereal Void dissolves,

and the Ineffable Supreme alone remains.

This, O Bhatta, is the Truth to gain.”

“It is a lake so tiny that in it a mustard seed findeth no room.

Yet from that lake doth every one drink water.

And into it do deer, jackals, rhinoceroses, and sea-elephants

Keep falling, falling, almost before they have time to become born.”

“Foulness from my mind was cleared as ashes from a mirror,

Then recognition of Him came to me unmistakable and clear.

And when I saw Him close by me,

He was all and I was not, (and there was nothing else).”

“The soles of my feet wore off on the roads

while I wandered in search of Him.

Then lo ! on a sudden, I saw That He was all and everywhere,

I had nowhere to go in search of Him.

This was the Truth of a hundred truths.

Whoever learn of it, will they not wonder?

Will they not be mad for joy?”

“Have no fear, O restless mind,

The Eternal One takes thought for you.

He knows how to fulfil your wants.

Then cry to Him alone for help,

His Name will lead you safe across.”

“Would you understand what Oneness is?

It has turned me into nothingness.”