The Dream

Let’s say within a dream at night, the dream character found itself desiring to live in the 'real world.' It wanted to wake up, to stop sleeping and dreaming. It wanted to 'see' the world as it really is. It imagined itself waking up in the 'real world.' It went about a series of practices and conditioning exercises to bring it into perfect alignment. These practices were difficult, they took time, patience, commitment, dedication, and persistent effort. But the dream character knew that these practices would pay off, that eventually they would create the perfect opportunity to finally awaken into REALITY.

The power and focus of this consistent intention and activity caused the dream to change and 'one day' the dream character did 'wake-up' - it felt itself awaken in the 'real-world.' It's dream body had become a real body. It was dressed in its favorite clothes.The 'real' environment was just as real as it imagined it would be. Finally it had done it. In this 'real world' it quickly found solutions to all its problems. It resolved all its inconsistencies. It sated all its desires. As all this took place through various scenarios and interactions, it found itself, once and for all, breathing more rhythmically, settling into a deep and comfortable peace.

Then, one day in the 'real world' the entire environment started to quake and shudder. What was all this commotion, it was as if the entire world was being obliterated, evaporated, disintegrated. The dream character initially fought to hold on. It visited places of refuge - powerful locations upon which it could empower and externalize the power of one's intent. Standing in its place of power it formalized and brandished the artifacts of its identity and engaged in a conflict to battle the forces seeking to de-stabilize and disrupt the peace and tranquility of this most real and perfect world.

The battle raged. The dream character fought and struggled. It suffered grievous injury, and eventually after much trauma and hardship, it was torn asunder and obliterated as the landscape and every aspect of the real world returned from whence it came, to pure, perfect, stillness. ~3Φ7

The Five Ways