The Etheric/Physical Mechanism of Maya

"... It is naturally necessary to realise that all manifestation on all levels is an expression of force,

but the forces referred to here under the term maya are those uncontrolled energies, those undirected

impulses which emanate from the world of prana and from the latent force of matter itself."

Long have we spoken of this, long have we labored to tear down the veils of obstruction and obscuration. The Path of Discipleship is steep and thorny - along the narrow traverse the traveler must learn to banish identification as 'the expressions of these forces' and to turn the eye upwards into greater and greater light.

The Path of Discipleship is characterized by the gradual formalization (or crystallization) of Awareness free from hypnosis and possession, into or onto, for both are applicable, a point of attention free of distortion. This point of at-tension, in the West is referred to as Soul and the gathering (the act of bringing together or the concentration of Awareness at all elements and levels across all bodies, sub-bodies, and subtle bodies) may be referred to as the progressive and cumulative process of de-conditioning, re-conditioning, re-collectedness, re-orientation, re-alignment etc.

Maya is not conditioning per se. Maya is the result of 'identification as self' with a force that is in active or passive circulation (this can be conscious or unconscious which makes Maya all the more insidious). Forces are not Life, they are the by-product of Life loving Itself and living as Itself. These forces become uncontrolled and undirected through ignorance - which is the active/passive, conscious/unconscious identification of self as a force potential in circulation. When a localized aggregate of Consciousness takes on the identification of a circulating force potential, it appropriates for 'personal use' the potentials of this force. If this localized manifestation of Life begins to believe itself to be one and the same with the force circulating - Maya results - confusion, distortion, glamor and illusion.

When Maya occurs, a human life aspect is swept into 'wrong' activity and becomes surrounded with a whirlpool of effects and conditions, of various glamor and illusion. The Law of Karma serves to resolve illusion and glamor by magnetically attracting the necessary forces into the local environment which are strictly opposed to the dominant force is local circulation. Is this clear? When fixed and identified as a force that is not 'oneself,' the local field, in terms of polarity (and frequency) changes to become attractive to the forces which will resolve the distortion. The entrance of these polarized forces into local circulation is the application of integrity into local space/time - yet depending on the level of possession (ultimately by the Dweller on the Threshold) this may be experienced as something tangible. other, and noxious.

Taking action while possessed creates ripples of distortion that cascade out through the environment. As the field of distortion increases in terms of environmental influence (spatially), the larger the field created magnetizing the requisite forces necessary to equalize/neutralize the glamor/illusion. Can the implications of this be clarified?

Once free, Awareness can re-establish Itself appropriately in and as the World of all Energy & Force, neither bound to any of it or all of it as The World needs in accordance with the Plan.

The Magician's Path seeks to clarify for the aspirant the World of Forces & Energy - to clearly enumerate through strategic means the forces in local circulation. Clarity regarding these forces serves to de-condition Awareness away from identifying as these forces and encourages the creation of that point of at-tension sufficient to love them, which is the only means of interaction in the World of Energy which does not create or precipitate illusion.