The Moment of Consciousness

Consider that the most basic energetic formation or unit of Universe, as well as in our local experience, is to arise as an individual “moment of consciousness”. That moment of consciousness has no duration and makes immediate room for the following moment of consciousness.

We could say the Creative Expression of Universe begins with the 'moment of consciousness' arising in Itself as a local awareness, veiled and clothed in an energy we refer to as 'thought' We might consider each thought to be like a brick, as one would use to build a house.

Before any stories about or even before houses themselves existed, there were just individual bricks. Once the bricks are stacked upon each other, in the configuration of what we call a house, we can only then, speak about “houses”.

Likewise before individual thoughts are layered upon each other in order to construct a personal self, no self would exist, nor could we even talk about any existing personal self.

The self is like the dramatic roles in a movie which are made up of individual movie frames in a reel of film. If you looked at just individual frames, individually, with some time occurring between frames, the actor’s roles would never come to life.

The point here is to show that the totality of a personal self is nothing more than its basic building blocks of thoughts, occurring rapidly enough to create the illusion of a self actually existing as something more than just a flow of individual thoughts.

The “house” is nothing more than its individual bricks. These bricks are artifacts arising within the Mind of Universe and being in circulation have some affinity locally or not, Hierarchically speaking.

The relevant sympathies of any local manifestation are largely determined by its elemental arrangement, or something we may call its potential wave functionality inherent by Design. For it is within the world the elements that this energy is activated, experienced, transmuted, realized and mutated and it is through the elements that Universe is seeking expression and at-one-ment.

Me. We. All. One. Now.


The Five Ways