"The core of the planet is surrounded with energies which infuse life into all its processes. But intensely the planet has varied from its original saturation. Indeed, it cannot be denied that the two poles are out of balance. The counter-position is a result of their having one and the same source. Each encirclement of the planet brings an accumulation of energy.
In the planetary dimension and in the spiritual the forces of attraction are identical; hence, a specific combination issues from each contact and creative striving results. The creation of conditions depends upon the attraction of the impelled seeds. The spirit creates seeds through its striving. Thus the ocean of Infinity is within each seed."  ~Infinity 1

The Way of Energy & Matter

The Way of Energy & Matter is the study of energy, attraction, polarity and conditioning.  It is an attempt at a foundational curriculum in the 'Science of the Etheric'.  When we look at the Map of the Ways, we see Energy&Matter at the center, weaving in and out of each of the other paths.  We study the Law of Attraction or Law of Karma through the polarized geometries of the human instrument to consolidate, locally, a definite understanding regarding the etheric nature of our dominant reality. Matter, ultimately, attempts to resolve for the traveler the illusion of inside and outside.

"Matter's curriculum is immense.  It flows, connects, and sustains all of the paths.  It is the study of energy itself, timeless and universal."