"Merging into the waves of the Infinite, we may be compared to flowers torn away by a storm. How shall we find ourselves transfigured in the ocean of the Infinite?  It would be unwise to send out a boat without a rudder. But the Pilot is predestined and the creation of the heart will not be precipitated into the abyss. Like milestones on a luminous path, the Brothers of Humanity, ever alert, are standing on guard, ready to lead the traveler into the chain of ascent.  Hierarchy is not coercion, it is the law of the Universe. It is not a threat, but the call of the heart and a fiery admonition directing toward the General Good.  Thus, let us cognize the Hierarchy of Light."  ~Hierarchy 1

"True service is the spontaneous outflow of a loving heart and an intelligent mind; it is the result of being in the right place and staying there; it is produced by the inevitable inflow of spiritual force and not by strenuous physical plane activity; it is the effect of a man being what he truly is, a divine Son of God, and not by the studied effect of his words or deeds." 
~ A Treatise on White Magic.

Way of the Bell

The Way of the Bell is a journey inward. It is on this path that we learn what meditation is and we take our first steps to awaken and enlighten the landscape of the lower worlds. 

It is herein where we begin our training.