"I urge only upon each and all the necessity for renewed effort to fit themselves for service by a conscious and deliberate effort to develop the intuition and to achieve illumination. Every human being who reaches the goal of light and wisdom automatically has a field of influence which extends both up and down, and which reaches both inwards to the source of light and outwards into the "fields of darkness". When he has thus attained he will become a conscious center of life giving force, and will be so without effort. He will stimulate, energize and vivify to fresh efforts all lives that he contacts, be they his fellow aspirants, or an animal, or a flower. He will act as a transmitter of light in the darkness. He will dispel the glamor around him and let in the radiance of reality.


When large numbers of the sons of men can so act, then the human family will enter upon its destined work of planetary service. Its mission is to act as a bridge between the world of spirit and the world of material forms. All grades of matter meet in man, and all the states of consciousness are possible to him. Mankind can work in all directions and lift the subhuman kingdoms into heaven and bring heaven down to earth."

~ A Treatise on White Magic

The Way of the Spear

"Spear is something different.  All the pieces are on the board now, sensitivity, awareness, concentration, focus.  Spear is always the last Way traveled."


"Spear brings everything together, the horizontal and the vertical.  Spear teaches how to see dimensionally, how to look into the Quantum directly."

"There is no hiding on Spear, this is the Way of single-pointed focus and clarity of vision. 

It is also the Way of death."