The element of Fire, the most all-pervading, the most creative, the most life-bearing, is least observed and esteemed. The human consciousness concerns itself with a multitude of empty and insignificant considerations, but the most wonderful of all escapes it. People quarrel over a price in the bazaar, but they have no desire to stretch forth their hands to the treasure. Much that has been told about the heart must also be applied to the Fiery World, but with particular acuteness. The impetus of Fire is as strong as the structure of a crystal. Not by accident have globes and crystal spheres been employed by clairvoyants. Live embers are needed for the purification of the consciousness; the rainbow flame affirms the striving of the spirit. A multitude of applications of the work of Fire reveal themselves as the most striking conditions of existence. Beginning with the ordinary light formations visible to the open eye, up to the complex fires of the heart, we are led into the realm of the Fiery World.  ~Fiery World 1

"The Way of the Vajra is the 'Way of Manifestation;' it is an outpouring of energy into the Quantum.  Vajra is all about sound, vibration, mantra, song, the Voice."

"To get onto Vajra all students must first complete the "From Darkness to Light" triplicity.  This triplicity is comprised of Bell, Whisk and Matter."

The Way of the Vajra

"I would point out here that the true Yogi is he who, after due carrying out of the set forms and times of meditation, merges that meditation in the everyday living, and will eventually be in the attitude of meditation all the day. Meditation is the means whereby the higher consciousness is contacted. When the contact becomes continuous, meditation, as you understand it, is superseded. In this first method the occult student works from the periphery to the center, from the objective to the subjective, from the form to the life within the form. Therefore, through the emphasis laid in Raja Yoga on the physical body and its wise control the occultist realizes the essential importance of the physical, and the uselessness of all his knowledge apart from a physical body whereby he can express himself and serve the race. It is the line of the first ray, and its affiliated or complementary ray." ~ Letters on Occult Meditation