The Way of the Whisk

"Whisk teaches many things, but most vividly it teaches one about harmlessness, and serves to dispel all glamor and illusion from awareness." 


"Bell generates Whisk, and Whisk externalizes Bell.  Bell is all inward, into the darkness, into the unknown.  But something else happens as well, which brings us to a truthful assessment regarding the principle behind 'service.'  As concentration develops, energy gathers in greater amounts and with greater intensities, localized, relationally and controlled directionally.  On Bell much is cleaned and harmonized, much is resolved, at all levels of being.  This cleaning is also an opening, and invites and potentiates the attraction of higher vibrations.  These higher frequencies need to be harmonized and grounded, this is what we learn on Whisk:  how to work with the new energy we are now aware of, in lighted, collaborative and harmonizing ways."  


"The harmlessness to which I refer in connection with you is not negative, or sweet or kindly activity, as so many believe; it is a state of mind and one which in no way negates firm or even drastic action; it concerns motive and involves the determination that the motive behind all activity is goodwill. That motive might lead to positive and sometimes disagreeable action or speech, but as harmlessness and goodwill condition the mental approach, nothing can eventuate but good." 

- Esoteric Healing